Sunday, November 2, 2008

Loads of Halloween Pics

Kerry aint afraid of no ghosts.

I know you all have been itching to see how last Friday's Halloween show turned out, so here are the pics. It was another great APW opening with an awesome selection of custom toys. Props to Osiris Orion and crew for coming in full costume. THANKS to all who came out. See you in a few for the Small Works Show.

More pics after the jump and even more pics in the following links:

For opening night pics and pics of the WORKS IN THE SHOW go to this page in the APW website. All works are also on sale here.

For MORE opening pics and other random goodness go to Oi Ling Hu's Flickr. A warm special thanks to Oi, our unpaid photography intern. Ha! ....just kidding dammit!

AND thanks to Geekanerd for covering the event. 

PLUS loads of pics after the jump!

Poet girl fixes her lipstick. 

AXH Animation shows artist Collin David how to play the world's smallest violin. If Collin cares, he really shouldn't.

Patrick Francisco explains why it's okay for adults to play with toys. Sung Mun is playing the violin in her pocket.

Steve asks, "Is this thing on?" LED indicates YES!

Gathered to listen to that same violin. LAST time I mention it I swear!

The crew is all smiles as Oi snaps a shot. In the back left, Piotr3D pretends he doesn't know us.