Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mutt Coming to APW

Already with write-ups by Spanky Stokes and ToyCyte, Tyler's mutt show in APW is a can't miss for April. Click over to check out the press and hit the jump to see more pics of the figure/artist list.

With our own Custom Toy Show and Contest happening in April as well, opening night is guaranteed to be a blast. If you haven't signed up for the contest yet, now is the time. Be a part of the custom toy extravaganza!

The list of Mutt's participating artists is growing and so far those listed below are confirmed:

betso - brent nolasco - chelsea rae - crestone - drilone - FAS - hans yim - kerry lee - james yeah? - jeremy regan - lou pimentel - matthew ryan sharp - monster decay - motorbot - newkon - nasty neil - oktobot - patrick francisco - plasticme - pocketwookie - potna - project detonate - retoreject - spankystokes - squidnik - TNES - trenton matthews - tyleR - useless - willow408