Friday, May 15, 2009

Custom Toy Contest Winners


Optikmass is the winner of the viewer's choice award for the Custom Toy Contest due to his intricate design which by the looks of his work too a lot of effort, patience and creativity. Even though the colors are simple, his piece stood out because of the detailed design. His pieces are truly one of a kind.

You can view his website here.

The Cutest : Lil Ne

Lil Ne' has been chosen as the winner because of her unique and impeccable design. Her piece literally wants to makes you eat a cupcake! When you look at her piece, it gives you an illusion of a real cupcake. Yummy!

Most NYC : Titanium

Titanium has been chosen as The Most NYC due to his memorable design. As you can tell he combined NYC's own Spiderman and a pig making it into a Spiderpig. His piece took a lot of hardwork and dedication and because of his skills, his piece is priceless.